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Welcome to my world

I am Jeanne The Maskmaker 

Are you into fantasy?

Do you ever wish to be someone, or something, else?

Have you ever wanted to express a part of yourself that the everyday world doesn't even know exists?

If  so,
then you already know why masks have been a fixture of human society since it began. Why they can be found in every culture on earth. Why the masquerade is such a romantic form of entertainment. Masks can change who you are, or how others see you. They let you express yourself without fear of exposure. They are a doorway to your inner self, a glimpse into your dreams.

The art of the face is one of the oldest, and most elemental. Masks have served many purposes throughout history. They have been used as symbols in story telling, where ancient warriors reenacted their successful hunts in celebration. They have been used in religion, to allow a priest or priestess to become one with the gods of their people. In some cultures the masks themselves are believed to be alive, to house the spirits of deities. And, of course, they have been widely used for Masques, Fancy Dress Balls and Holiday celebrations such as the Carnivale of Venice, and Mardi Gras of New Orleans.

But, we all wear masks. Everyday. When we change a mood, or play a role, or put our "best foot forward".
Sometimes these masks can trap us, hide who we really are, even from ourselves.

But masks can reveal as much as they conceal.

And that is the secret to their fascination.

So come join the masquerade....

(site updated  11-12-15)